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The Danish Family Farms

At De Danske Familiegårde we aim to make it easy for all Danes to choose better animal welfare. At our family farms, we take good care of each other - and not least of our chickens.

The Danish Family Farms is a brand under Danpo.

Natural presence for the chickens, nature and you

Danish welfare chicken - Chickens with 2- and 3-heart Animal Welfare Label - Slow growing - Better animal welfare - More space to roam - Carefully bred in Denmark - Shorter transportation time - CO2 measured from farm to fork by Carbon Trust

Danish Family Farms is a collaboration

We work together to improve animal welfare so that chickens can be chickens. It takes a little more effort in everyday life - but that doesn't matter as long as you're working for a good cause. For us, it's important that every single chicken is raised with care. De Danske Familiegårde has three types of welfare chickens: a farm chicken, a free-range chicken and an organic chicken.

Danish quality products

The good life that our chickens enjoy around The Danish Family Farms gives you a unique taste experience.

Choose the Animal Welfare Label with The Danish Family Farms

The Animal Welfare Label comes in three levels - the more hearts filled in, the better the animal welfare. De Danske Familiegårde has 1-, 2-, and 3-heart welfare chickens. Our Farm Chicken from De Danske Familiegårde, for example, has 2 hearts. We recommend going for the state-controlled animal welfare label when you buy chicken.

Read more about the animal welfare label here


At Danish Family Farms, we are on a journey to learn more about our carbon footprint. That's why we've now commissioned independent climate calculation experts from the Carbon Trust to measure the carbon footprint of our chicken products, from the moment the chicken hatches until it lands on your plate.

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Super delicious modern recipes from The Danish Family Farms

We work for the good chicken life

We are a number of Danish farm families who share a passion for farming with animal welfare in mind. It's important to us that each and every one of our chickens is raised with care.