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At Danpo, we work closely with our farmers and we leave nothing to chance.

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Ross 308: $7.32.
Rustik Gold: 7,89 kr.

Danpo's Settlement Overview Valid From 03. June 2024 Final

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ACQP - how we ensure traceability

Danpo takes responsibility for delivering safe and secure food - it is part of the foundation for the sustainable development of a modern food company.

At Danpo, we work closely with our farmers and we leave nothing to chance

That's why Danpo is a good choice for you as a farmer.

Focus on high basic listing - We have 100% control of the chickens - Assured Chicken Quality Program - We regularly send out producer info - We work closely with Prodan

Prodan - the producer association for Danpo

Prodan unites the farmers who supply broilers to Danpo.

Danpo's attitude is clear - we only want healthy chickens!

In Denmark, we have skilled farmers, we have the strictest rules for animal welfare and food safety, and consumers place high demands on quality and I-want-to-know-what-I'm-eating. So you can always rest assured that the Danpo chicken you eat is a healthy chicken.

A chicken from a Danish farmer roams freely in the barn and can roam in dry litter. It can eat and drink when it needs to, and it gets the darkness and sleep that such a chicken naturally requires.

In Danish broiler farming, there is no beak trimming, chickens in cages, legs breaking due to rapid growth or the preventive use of medication. Because then they're not healthy chickens, and we don't want them!

This is how we ensure the healthiest chickens.

Free range - No chickens in cages - No preventive medicine - Skilled farmers - No beak trimming