Prodan - the producer association for Danpo

Prodan unites the farmers who supply broilers to Danpo.

Close collaboration

In the close collaboration between Prodan and Danpo, the focus is on day-to-day operations. They optimize the breeding, handle catching, make plans for the introduction of chickens, build new chicken houses, register data, manage agreed target weights, exchange experience and settle on deliveries.

Prodan and Danpo also collaborate strategically on setting the settlement price, financing new chicken houses, new breeds and feed types, combating Salmonella and Campylobacter and much more.

Benefits of Prodan membership

The primary advantage is the great exchange of experience that takes place. At the same time, as a farmer, you are a member of a forum that speaks with one voice to Danpo and Danpo's management informs about the company and the market via the Board of Directors and annual member meetings.

The membership also includes a number of important insurance schemes that are unique to chicken producers, and Danpo provides relevant information to the farmer every few weeks.

A membership that gives you many benefits as a producer.

A unified voice - Ensures optimal production agreements - Exchange of experience - Protects members' interests - Ensures optimal cooperation agreements - Focus on daily operations