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Danpo offers some of the best quality chickens available. Our ambition is to lead the industry in terms of animal welfare and deliver healthy chicken products with as little impact on the climate as possible.

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The Danish Family Farms

At De Danske Familiegårde we aim to make it easy for all Danes to choose better animal welfare. At our family farms, we take good care of each other - and not least of our chickens.

Responsibility & sustainability

Our ambition is to be an industry leader when it comes to animal welfare and to deliver healthy chicken products with as low a climate impact as possible. We take responsibility for our impact on people and the environment throughout the value chain.

Choose the Animal Welfare Label with Danpo

The animal welfare label comes in three levels - the more hearts filled in, the better the animal welfare. At Danpo, we have 1-, 2-, and 3-heart welfare chickens. For example, our Farm Chicken from De Danske Familiegårde has 2 hearts. We recommend going for the state-controlled animal welfare label when buying chicken.

Read more about the animal welfare label here

Danish quality products

We offer quality products within different brands. All our products are of a high standard, so you are guaranteed high quality no matter what you choose.


Here you will find our different professional disciplines.

Why everyone loves chicken

Great taste - Perfect for a great home-cooked meal - Filling - Easy and quick to prepare - Climate-friendly meat protein - It's healthy - Something everyone likes - Fresh - Can be combined with (almost) anything - Leftovers can easily be used the next day (avoid food waste).

When you choose our chicken, you also get Danish quality.

We support the Christmas Seal Homes

At Danpo, we have supported Julemærkehjemmene since 2014. We know that health is about more than what we eat: it's also about a balanced life with a healthy diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

Chicken is a climate-friendly meat choice

Chicken consumption is expected to continue to increase over the next ten years. One reason for this is that the climate impact of chicken is significantly lower compared to other animal proteins.

Source: "CONCITO (2021): The big climate database, version 1" - or following versions.

Read more about the carbon footprint of chicken here

Product categories

We offer a wide range of products, especially in what we call Ready-to-cook (RTC), which are our fresh products such as whole chicken and chicken breast, and in Ready-to-eat (RTE), which are our processed products such as nuggets and burgers.

Super delicious modern recipes from The Danish Family Farms