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About us

Danpo has been a leading player in Danish chicken production for over 50 years and is widely recognized as a leader in important areas such as animal welfare, quality and sustainability. We set the highest standards in chicken production and we are proud of it!

Best-in-class chicken production

Danpo was established in 1972 as an association of five small cooperative slaughterhouses and became part of Scandi Standard in 2013. Every day, 1,030 employees work to deliver healthy and tasty chicken products in Denmark and to our export markets.

Danish animal welfare standards

At Danpo, animal welfare is not just an ethical or moral stance; it is an integral part of our corporate identity. Working closely with our dedicated breeders, we constantly strive to be at the forefront of this field and set industry standards.

Highest food safety standards

Danpo's highest priority is to ensure food safety and a very high and consistent product quality. We meet the highest internationally recognized standards for product and process certification.

Responsibility & sustainability

Our ambition is to be an industry leader when it comes to animal welfare and to deliver healthy chicken products with as low a climate impact as possible. We take responsibility for our impact on people and the environment throughout the value chain.

Read more about our sustainability agenda here

Product categories

We offer a wide range of products within what we call Ready-to-cook (RTC) products and Ready-to-eat (RTE) products.

Our chickens

We offer conventionally reared, welfare reared, free-range and organically reared chickens. We are the market leader in slow growing chickens, and our free-range and organic chickens meet ECC requirements. We also offer conventional chickens due to market and consumer demand. Regardless of the type of chicken, it's important to us that all chickens are healthy.

Danpo's history goes back several years

Commercial breeding of broilers began in the 1950s and with it, a large number of small slaughterhouses sprang up. The story of Danpo is the classic tale of how a number of companies merge into ever larger units to achieve the benefits of scale.

Danish quality chicken

Danpo offers some of the best quality chicken available. Our ambition is to lead the industry in terms of animal welfare and deliver healthy chicken products with as little impact on the climate as possible.