We support the Christmas Seal Homes

At Danpo, we have supported Julemærkehjemmene since 2014. We know that health is about more than what we eat: it's also about a balanced life with a healthy diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

We take responsibility

We support the Christmas Seal Homes with chicken to provide the children with healthy, low-fat and nutritious proteins. In addition, we have donated padel courts to the Christmas Seal Homes. We chose padel tennis because it's a sport that suits the children at the Christmas Seal Homes very well. It's easy to learn and less demanding than other racket sports.

"We all have a responsibility. Danpo shares responsibility for the society we live in. And we see a clear community of values with Julemærkehjemmene, which supports the values that are also closest to us: the joy of food, presence around the meal and a good and healthy life," says Anne Gitte Elbronn, Marketing Manager at Danpo.

When we as a company support the work of Julemærkehjemmenes, we are also supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Julemærkehjemmene has chosen three SDGs that they focus on in our work to help children.

SDG 3: Health and well-being

SDG 10: Reducing inequality

SDG 17: Partnerships for action


Briefly about Julemærkehjemmene

Every year, they help up to 1,000 children in Denmark aged 7-14 years. The children typically struggle with bullying, low self-esteem and loneliness. The children receive a 10-week stay at one of the five Julemærke homes. Targeted initiatives ensure that the good development continues after the stay.

This is how the children are doing one year after their stay at a Julemærkehjem:

4 out of 5 children do NOT experience bullying

2 out of 3 children are now happy with their lives

3 out of 4 children have a good belief in themselves

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