Choose the Animal Welfare Label with Danpo

The animal welfare label comes in three levels - the more hearts filled in, the better the animal welfare. At Danpo, we have 1-, 2-, and 3-heart welfare chickens. For example, our Farm Chicken from De Danske Familiegårde has 2 hearts. We recommend going for the state-controlled animal welfare label when you buy chicken.

What do hearts 1, 2 and 3 mean?

By choosing products with better animal welfare at a slightly higher price, you contribute to more pigs, chickens and cattle being produced under improved conditions. This is market-driven animal welfare.

With just one heart, animal welfare is already above Danish legislation, and with each heart added to the label, animal welfare improves.

The Animal Welfare Label is state-approved, and the label is your guarantee that the animals have had better conditions than animals from traditional production.

1 heart

With 1 green heart, animal welfare is elevated above Danish legislation. There are additional requirements for housing conditions. The animals get more bedding, more space and shorter transportation time to slaughter. The chickens are of a slower growing breed.

Bedre Dyrevelfærd 1 Hjerte (1)

2 hearts

With 2 green hearts, the requirements from heart 1 are increased to ensure even better animal welfare. Here the animals get even more space and even more bedding. The chickens can have access to outdoor conditions.

Bedre Dyrevelfærd 2 Hjerter (1)

3 hearts

With 3 green hearts, the requirements of hearts 1 and 2 are increased to ensure much better animal welfare. The animals have much more space. The chickens come out into the open.

Bedre Dyrevelfærd 3 Hjerter (1)