Highest food safety standards

Danpo's highest priority is to ensure food safety and a very high and consistent product quality. We meet the highest internationally recognized standards for product and process certification.


Both our factory in Farre and our slaughterhouse in Aars are certified in accordance with the British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS). A BRCGS certification reflects food safety efforts throughout the supply chain and reviews all areas that can affect food safety. BRCGS is in turn recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a global food safety standards system.


Our slaughterhouse in Aars is certified according to the International Featured Standards (IFS) standard, which guarantees food safety. The standard is related to Danpo's quality control and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system and also includes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The certification is internationally recognized and widely used in the retail market.


Danpo's factory in Farre is certified according to the SQMS standard (Supplier Quality Management System), with requirements for food safety, GMP and HACCP. This is an internationally recognized standard used by McDonald's. As we supply chicken to McDonald's, it is a requirement that our products are certified according to this standard.


ACQP (Assured Chicken Quality Programme) is an integrated quality control and documentation program for all stages of the chicken slaughter process. ACQP makes it possible to trace your chicken all the way back to where it was raised. The program documents full traceability from farmer to customer and is subject to an impartial audit. This program is used for our slaughterhouse in Aars.

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