Caring for people, chickens and the planet

Every day we act responsibly to create value and profitability through our products and by promoting the health and well-being of people, our chickens and the planet.


Food is deeply rooted in local traditions, cultures and tastes. Our overall strategy combines the strength of being a global group with the local context required to create strong brands that consumers value. Our main commitment to consumers is that our products are safe and healthy to eat, and that they are produced locally from chickens that thrive and are treated well.

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Our premise is that all our chickens should thrive, from hatching to slaughter. Good animal welfare is an integral part of our operations for ethical reasons and because it has a direct impact on product quality, resource efficiency and profitability. Only healthy chickens can grow in a sustainable way.

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Ensuring that every single hen thrives and is raised in a resource-efficient way, and that as much of the hen as possible is turned into good food on plates, is the most important thing we can do to reduce our environmental and climate impact. We continuously work to improve and strengthen our sustainability efforts throughout the value chain.

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