We work for a better and more sustainable future

Scandi Standard's business concept is to contribute to the joy of food and to health and well-being. We work with sustainable food production, taking responsibility from farm to fork, for people, chickens and the planet. We have developed and adopted new sustainability goals that will guide us towards 2030.

Delivering local, healthy, safe and cost-effective protein

Our products form the foundation of our sustainability strategy and business strategy. We strive to offer high quality products with the best food safety standards, while being healthy, locally produced and cost-effective compared to other animal protein sources.

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Protecting and developing our animal welfare work

Scandi Standards veterinarians and other chicken professionals work with all our growers on a daily basis to ensure our chickens thrive.

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Reducing the climate impact of chicken - from farm to fork

Even though chicken is the animal protein source with the lowest climate impact, we still have room for improvement. We have taken responsibility for setting science-based climate targets throughout the value chain.

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Reduced and improved use of plastic in our packaging development

Packaging is key to food safety and product sustainability. Good packaging also reduces food waste. The most important thing is that the packaging is recyclable and contains no more plastic than necessary, and where possible, that it is made from recycled or bio-based materials.

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Maximized resource utilization and minimized waste

Every chicken and the whole animal matters. The ability to use as much as possible of each chicken is key to sustainability and profitability. New innovations, improved processes and product development are all important factors in achieving our goals. At the same time, it is crucial to minimize waste - not only food waste, but also other forms of waste that occur in our value chain.

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Safe and healthy workplaces and engaged employees

Our employees are the foundation of our business. Ensuring they have a safe and healthy work environment is our top priority.

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