We've engaged Carbon Trust to measure the carbon footprint of our chicken products

We have engaged a specialized and independent climate accounting organization to calculate our carbon footprint across our entire value chain at product level - from farm to fork.

In a nutshell

While we are experts on how to raise and slaughter chickens, there are others who know how to make the carbon footprint visible. The Carbon Trust knows all about that, which is why we've commissioned them to measure the carbon footprint of our chicken products.

Carbon Trust maps your and my carbon footprint along the entire food journey, which in our case means from the egg hatching to the moment it lands on your plate. This also includes the cooking at home - making it a very thorough carbon footprint measurement of chicken (at home).

We want to take responsibility and share knowledge with you as a consumer

Many of us don't know the climate impact of the food we eat. We want to do something about that. We believe that Danes want to know more about how they can make a difference for the climate, because amidst all the talk, knowledge is what makes the difference. That's why we've enlisted the Carbon Trust to help us, because we believe that you as a consumer can make good decisions for yourself and your family if we provide you with the facts.

Chicken generally has a lower carbon footprint compared to other meats, but we want to increase transparency in this area. Measuring the carbon footprint of our chicken products makes both us and you smarter, which means that you can now know how much CO2 is consumed when you sink your teeth into chicken from Danish Family Farms at home.

Please note, the Carbon Trust CO2 measured label does not mean that the product has a climate benefit compared to other similar products.

We do not compromise on animal welfare

At De Danske Familiegårde, we work to reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring good animal welfare. For us, the goal is to both reduce the carbon footprint and do it at a pace where animal welfare follows. We feel a great responsibility for our chickens from the first peep to the last bite - from the time the egg hatches until the chicken is placed on your dinner table at home.

Chickens from The Danish Family Farms are all slow-growing chickens, and they have a slightly higher carbon footprint than conventional chickens, for example, because they live longer and therefore eat more. But we believe there should be room for that, because we don't want to compromise on animal welfare.

Read more about The Danish Family Farms and Carbon Trust here

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