Best-in-class chicken production

Danpo was established in 1972 as an association of five small cooperative slaughterhouses and became part of Scandi Standard in 2013. Every day, 1,030 employees work to deliver healthy and tasty chicken products in Denmark and to our export markets.


Aars, Denmark

At our slaughterhouse in Aars, we slaughter approximately 45 million chickens annually. We have employees with strong slaughter skills and use modern equipment.


Our factory in Farre is Scandi Standard's largest facility, producing frozen chicken products, primarily burgers and breaded products such as nuggets. The capacity is 45,000 tons annually. Our head office is also located in Farre.

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Highest food safety standards

Danpo carries out extensive internal work on food safety standards with the aim of delivering the best possible products that contribute to the health and well-being of consumers every day.

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Modern equipment and know-how

At Danpo, we have installed the most modern and sophisticated equipment for the production and packaging of all kinds of chicken products. In addition, we have the best know-how in every phase of our value chain. In addition, we benefit from the synergies of our sister companies in the Scandi Standard group of chicken companies.

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Halal certified

All our chickens are halal slaughtered at our slaughterhouse in Aars. Halal slaughter follows common slaughter traditions in Denmark. Our slaughter process is monitored by veterinary authorities and is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

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Increased production capacity

The convenience food trend is gaining traction with consumers in all of our home markets - it's a trend we see all over the world. To meet the growing demand for ready-to-eat products, we recently expanded capacity in Farre by upgrading one of the production lines. The expansion will contribute to increased production capacity.

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Danpo - part of Scandi Standard

Danpo is part of Scandi Standard, the leading producer of chilled, frozen and ready-to-eat chicken products in the Nordic countries and Ireland. We work according to the principle "Better Together", where we exchange knowledge, experience, insights, innovation and competencies across companies and borders for the common benefit and value creation for our customers and consumers.

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