The future district heating in Give is made from chicken

Our factory in Farre produces around 1,000 tons of Danish chicken products per week and all products are frozen the moment they are processed. This creates a lot of energy, and this is exactly where there is an untapped resource.

Win-win for everyone - the green transition, the local community and Danpo

The powerful cooling processes in connection with freezing give off large amounts of heat, and it is precisely this surplus heat that Danpo and Give District Heating will now direct to district heating customers in a valuable sector coupling.

Give District Heating's consumption of wood chips can be reduced by over 50% and completely eliminate the need for natural gas. The town of Farre, where Danpo is located, can also be connected to the district heating network as part of the project and thus also switch from natural gas and oil.

The technical solution consists of a 5 MW electric heat pump that is supplied with hot water from the cooling towers, and via the heat exchanger the water is sent to the district heating system at the right temperature. In this connection, a 3.6 km long transmission line will be laid to Give District Heating. The excavation work, carried out by Give District Heating, started in spring 2023 and the entire project was expected to be completed in 2024.

Give District Heating supplies heat to around 2,000 customers, who can now look forward to a competitive and even greener heat supply. Danpo can save significant amounts of power for the cooling towers by releasing the waste heat to the district heating.

Energy consumption is very much in focus these days, and this will continue in the future. We are therefore very pleased to have established this close collaboration with Give District Heating, which makes it possible to utilize the large amount of surplus heat and direct it to Give town. It's a win-win for everyone: the green transition, the local community and Danpo.

The project was nominated for the MLDK Annual Meeting 2023, and Danpo was nominated in the Brand Suppliers' CSR Award category. Despite not winning the award, we were proud of the nomination.


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