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The Happy Chicken Project

Happy Chicken products are made from slow-growing welfare chicken from Denmark. This means Danish quality and better Danish animal welfare standards. The products are produced and packaged in Denmark, ensuring an extremely high level of transparency and food safety.

The Happy Chicken Project is a brand under Danpo.

Happiness is for everyone - including chickens

Danish welfare chicken - Slow growing - Danish quality - Raised without antibiotics - Has swings - Better Danish animal welfare standards - Produced and packed in Denmark

The Happy Chicken Project

Chicken tastes good. Happy Chicken tastes even better. They live a healthy life with nutritious food, plenty of space and the opportunity to be active.

We raise better chickens for a better life. Better animal welfare is something we work for because we believe it's the right thing to do. We want to help our consumers make healthier, tastier and more responsible choices - both when they eat out and when they buy take-away. We make sure our chickens are healthy and happy by giving them nutritious food, plenty of space and access to activities to keep them occupied. The chickens are even given toys, such as swings, to keep them entertained.

We give them the freedom and opportunity to live out their natural behavior. We want all our chickens to be happy chickens.


Our Danish chickens are slow-growing breeds that live a life of good animal welfare.

Our welfare chickens live a calm and comfortable life. They grow up in clean and familiar surroundings. The chickens have free access to nutritious feed and clean water around the clock, so they choose when they eat and drink.

Inside the barn, there are toys to keep them entertained. This way we ensure that we have happy chickens. The chickens are a slow-growing breed and are raised without the use of antibiotics. They grow at their natural pace, which increases the chickens' quality of life and makes them stronger and healthier.

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Happy Chicken products

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