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Danpo Chicken = 100 % Danish Meat Quality


When you serve chicken from Danpo, you can also tell your customers that the enjoyment is from 100 % Danish ingredients. 

We are proud of being Danish, because we know that there are many kitchens that have a high opinion of Danish chicken quality.

We have 85 farmers with farms on Funen and Jutland, and they make sure that chickens from Danpo are grown with nutritious feed mixes that do not contain growth promoters.

Every day our farmers make sure that the chickens are doing well. They have free access to food and water, and they can walk freely in a house with fresh bedding.

We cooperate with Danish Animal Welfare Organisation in inspecting animal welfare, and also have animal welfare high on the agenda as a part of the group's philosophy of taking responsibility in all stages between farm to kitchen table.

Danish chickens are incubated, hatched, grown and slaughtered in Denmark - we have our own chicken slaughterhouse in Års, Himmerland - and this means that our chickens only have short and responsible transportation.

All our chickens are slaughtered professionally and with care, following approved halal principles, and are air cooled as this has a significant impact on taste and provides an ideal meat structure.

Food Safety Know-How for Chicken

Denmark is a frontrunner when it comes to legislation about hygiene and food safety. We have a strong set of rules for control points at all stages, just as you know from your methods of checking traceability in your own kitchen.

With us, the rules are checked at all stages - from the egg to your kitchen. This way, we know the chicken's entire history.

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Danish Chicken is Salmonella free!


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