Chicken Tips

Chicken is healthy, tasty, easy and smells so good!!

  1. Do as the Italians and roll prosciutto, sage and mozzarella into your chicken rolls before frying them.

  2. Brunch Chicken Dip bite-sized pieces of chicken in batter before deep-frying them and serving with a morning mild chilli salsa and cucumber sticks served in apple juice.

  3. Cut the chicken thicker and put it in a rye bread sandwich together with a tasty mango and Thai-flavoured dressing and chopped cabbage

  4. Let minced chicken be the protein source in mince-based dishes such as meatballs, patties, rolls and pies - it can be eaten by all, regardless of cultural background.

  5. Trussing a chicken is great for cooking it whole - it keeps the shape, juice and vigour!

  6. In 2014, a gourmet grill chicken is nice to serve with saffron aioli, avocado cream and fried lemon.

  7. Put chicken on skewers with vegetables of different colours - it makes the dish handy and easy to nibble on!

  8. Let the smell of newly roasted chicken into the kitchen - it increases appetite and the desire to eat!

  9. Make the chicken greener by serving it in a green salad with a filling of green herbs, grilled courgette and turn it in a tasty green sauce.

  10. Bring chicken out on the canteen terrace grill and remember to pre-cook larger chicken pieces before they get their grill marks.

  11. Serve hot-chicken-dog as Friday hot dogs with bread, chicken, chilli ketchup, coleslaw, mustard and cucumber salad.

  12. Risotto chicken is a classic on the kids' menu, and it is easy to eat for the little ones.

  13. Canteen chicken can be served in a dish simmered with coconut and with a rich cabbage salad.

  14. Put Cook with Wok on the menu and stir-fry bite-sized pieces of chicken together with colourful vegetables and a well-nuanced spicy flavour.

  15. Use chicken as a lunch steak! Serve it with a ground pepper sauce flavoured with mustard.

  16. Show care, and put easy-to-chew on the menu by serving chicken rissoles with lightly stewed summer greens!



Avoid Food Waste 

In a time where there is great emphasis on decreasing our food waste, you can see chicken as an important resource for kitchen economics that can be used for a new context and food experience the following day.

Use the leftovers for a salad, in a pie, as topping on a pizza, in a stew, in a sandwich, or as a base in a tasty and rich soup.

Pizza med kyllingekebab