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Chickens for the Kitchen Industry

In the kitchen industry chicken equals great versatility. Not many products are adapted for the many preparation methods of kitchens. But chicken is!

With chicken you can oven-roast, grill, deep-fry, pan fry, pot roast, poach, sous-vide, or you can let it be steamed, smoked, braised, cured etc.

One of the greatest advantages in a kitchen is in chicken's natural and flavour-neutral taste. Because you can yourself decide just what flavour and strength that fits your customers and consumers. With chicken you are free to innovate, spice up and adjust flavours as you prefer.

It gives you an extraordinary versatility when it comes to kitchen operations for customers and consumers demanding variety.

Chicken & Health

Chicken is a healthy choice compared to many other types of meat.

This is because chicken contains a natural balance between unsaturated and saturated fats.

Chicken has many other health benefits, such as a naturally high content of protein, antioxidants, minerals and virtually all B vitamins.

Chicken Tips

-Chicken handling in the kitchen

  • Thaw chicken in the fridge, or store it refrigerated
  • Throw away packaging immediately, and refrigerate separately
  • Wash hands after you have touched chicken
  • Use separate chopping boards and knives
  • Wash and disinfect utensils
  • Cook chicken through - 75 degrees or until the juice is clear
  • Always store raw and cooked chicken covered and refrigerate separately

3 hygiene advice

1. Varm up (75 degrees)

2. Cool down (65 to 10 degrees max 3 hours - then refrigerated at 5 degrees max)

3. Do not spread bacteria (good hand hygiene)