Organic chicken from Danish Family Farms

Our organic chickens are free birds. They are EU-organically labelled and therefore enjoy a life that many chickens would love. They choose themselves when they want to eat and drink, whether they want to be indoors or out, and when they will forage and scratch.

These are chickens with the wind under their wings, and access to the outdoors from dawn to dusk. They can walk freely around outdoors on green grass, exploring the world. The healthy, organic feed gives them lots of energy and plenty of nutrition. We spread their feed around so that they have to forage
for it, just as in nature.

Our free-range organic chickens live life as naturally as possible, as
recommended by Animal Protection Denmark. 




Slow growing breed

Our organic chicken is a slow growing brown Hubbard chicken. it lives between 53-63 days.

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Free access to nature...

The chickens can walk freely around outdoors on green grass exploring.


Oganic feeds

The organic feed are spread around so they have to forage for it in the nature.


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