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Free range chickens from Danish Family Farms

Our free range chickens live an active life with lots of natural light, fresh air and physical activity. They decide themselves whether they want to be outdoors or in, and when they want to eat and drink.

Outside, they can lie under a bush or forage on the ground – one of the favourite pastimes for chickens. The outdoor areas are natural terrain to ensure the chickens feel safe and at home.

They are of a slow-growing breed, making them healthy and strong. The freedom they experience on The Danish Family Farms
is as close to a natural life full of welfare for chickens, recommended by
Animal Protection Denmark.



Slow growing breed

Our Free range chicken is a slow growing golden ranger gold chicken. it lives between 53-63 days

Free access to nature

The chickens can walk freely around outdoors on green grass exploring.

Born and raised on the same farmv

Free range chickens are hatched and reared at the same danish family farm

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