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At the Danish Family Farms, we have an ambition to improve animal welfare. On our family farms we look after each other – and of course our chickens. We work together to improve animal welfare, so that chickens can simply be chickens. That requires a bit more work – but what does that matter when you’re working for a good cause? What’s important to us is that every single chicken is raised with care. And we hope that you will help us by supporting the project.

With kind regards,
The Danish Family Farms

Organic chicken...

Our organic chickens are free birds.

They are EU-organically labelled and therefore enjoy a life that many chickens would love.

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Free range chickens...

... live an active life with lots of natural light, fresh air and physical activity.

They decide themselves whether they want to be outdoors or in, and when they want to eat and drink.

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Farmer´s chicken ...

Farmer’s chicken are hatched and reared at the same Danish family farm.

That means they get to know their surroundings from when they are small.

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We work together at The Danish Family Farms to give our chickens a better life. That’s why we apply core values to ensure that we always contribute to better animal welfare.


100% Danish
Our name is no coincidence. Our chickens live their entire lives in Denmark on family-owned farms all over the country.

Slow-Growing BREEDS  
All our chickens are slow-growing breeds. They grow at a natural rhythm and live a longer life than many others.

Free access to food and water
Our chickens have free access to nutritional feed and fresh water, and can decide themselves when they want to eat and drink.