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Danpo's Attitude Is Clear - We Only Want Healthy Chickens!


In Denmark we have great farmers, we have the strictest rules for animal welfare and food safety, and consumers make high demands on quality and being able to tell what they are eating. This is why you can always be comfortable knowing that the Danpo chicken you eat is a healthy chicken.


A chicken from a Danish farmer is free to walk around in the poultry house and can forage in dry bedding. It can eat and drink when it feels the need to do so, and is provided with the darkness and sleep a chicken needs in nature.


In the breeding of Danish chickens there is no such thing as beak trimming, caged chickens, bones that break due to accelerated growth or preventive use of medicine. Because that does not make for healthy chickens, and that is not how we want them!

This is how we make sure we have ...

the healthiest chickens ...

  1. Free in the poultry house
  2. Skilled farmers
  3. No caged chickens
  4. No beak trimming
  5. No preventive medication