The taste of Danish quality – chicken from Danpo

Chilled, frozen ore ready to cook ...

You will enjoy the chicken meat's flexibility and taste-spikular span. In short, our full-service series of fresh, frozen and cooked chicken variations.

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Lots of inspiration...

Chicken is easy food in the kitchen. The only thing to be considered is whether it's chicken in whole rotisserie version, cut and portioned, with or without skin, seasoned, fresh or crisp and well-groomed.


Danpo chicken ...

It's 100% tasteful Danish quality - exactly as your customers and guests like.


Danpo is a conventional chicken in all gastronomic shades. ...

.... Danpo chicken is of the breed Ross308 and comes from farmers from Fyn and Jutland. At the farmer, the chickens grow up in safe and stress-free surroundings with free access to clean water and nutritious compounding of rapeseed, wheat and corn. They walk freely in bedding in dry and sheltered stables and have more space than required by the EU. The farmer prioritizes their well-being high and ensures that the chickens are doing well several times a day. The DANPO assortment is for the price conscious kitchen, which has an attitude to serving Danish, air-cooled and salmonella-free chicken. Not only because it is the most climate-friendly animal protein, but also because it meets the requirements for halal fattening, high food safety with traceability in all joints from field to meal.