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We ensure high food safety with a comprehensive quality system...

...which means we make sure we meet food safety requirements from Danish and European authorities, requirements from third-party auditors (certifications) and customer requirements.

Overall, the quality system handles three areas for all products and processes:

  • Good production practice

  • Food safety

  • Product quality

Product quality matters...

For us at Danpo A/S the quality of our finished products matters as much as food safety, and all production units continuously work with maintaining and developing a high quality standard.

We have specially designed places in the production processes where we carry out quality control and assess whether the product lives up to the set quality standard. Among other things we monitor:

  • Slaughtering quality

  • Product appearance and weight

  • The marinating process

  • Packaging and labelling


BRC standard, which sets a number of requirements ......

  • Quality management systems
  • HACCP systems
  • Factory requirements
  • Product control
  • Process control
  • Personnel

Our Chickens Do Not Have Salmonella

Salmonella is an intestinal bacteria that occurs widely in nature. It may occur in eggs, poultry, pork and beef. The bacteria can also occur in fish, raw vegetables, fruit and among some pets...  read more 



At Danpo we can trace our chickens...

...all the way from farmer to store, and we know the chickens' parents and grandparents, what feed they have been given, and how the individual chicken product was handled at our factory.

We also know exactly where the chicken goes when it leaves us.