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The Largest Danish Chicken Abattoir is Approved Halal

The reason for having our chickens approved as halal is decades of successful export to Muslim customers that value the high quality of Danish chicken.

Consumers do not pay extra for halal slaughter, and from a technical point of view it makes little difference as it is mainly the way slaughter is monitored that is special for halal.

According to Danish law, slaughter must be monitored by a slaughterhouse worker to make sure that the animals do not go through unnecessary suffering. These workers are Muslims. When slaughter begins, and whenever there has been a pause in production, the Muslim employee recites a prayer for themselves, which translated reads: "In the name of God. Allah is the greatest."

The prayer is what separates the method from standard slaughter. The slaughter is carried out according to Danish rules in that the poultry is first hung up and the head thereafter moved through an electrified bath that makes the chickens unconscious. Then both jugular veins are cut - either manually or with a rotating knife. With a very high speed on the production line and only a few meters from hanging to killing, the chickens die fast and painlessly.