Danish Chickens Do Well

When speaking of animal welfare we put focus on avoiding unnecessary suffering. It is not acceptable when dogs, horses or other animals suffer.

In regards to the millions of Danish broiler chickens that are sold each year in Danish stores and served at schools and canteens, Danish farming has a tradition of doing things properly.

We cannot ask the chickens how they are doing, but we know that if there is bleeding and wounds, then something is wrong. This is why we always look for something called foot pad burns in chickens.

The burns are caused as a reaction to animal contact with skin irritants - such as bedding that is damp or contains ammonia. The farmers do all they can to make sure the chickens do well. This gives a better price at the abattoir and chicken feet are in fact a very valuable export product for Asia.

The Danish broiler chicken industry works hard and efficiently to reduce foot pad burns, and the curve has broken: The action plan for reducing foot pad burns is working

It is also about catching, transporting and slaughtering chickens in an as painless and quick way as possible. This is, once more, to ensure that the level of welfare is kept high, in combination with requirements for salmonella-free meat and sustainable food production.

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