Two state of the art Facilities

We take care of the chicken at two places in Jutland... At Aars in Himmerland we slaughter all our chickens, and at Farre in South Jutland we have our processing facilities where we bread and fry chicken.


Quality and Food Safety Have the Highest Priority

With a comprehensive quality system we make sure that we meet food safety requirements from Danish and European authorities.


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At Danpo we place great emphasis on animal welfare

When speaking of animal welfare we put focus on avoiding unnecessary suffering.
It is not acceptable when dogs, horses or other animals suffer, and Danish farming has a tradition of doing things properly.

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Danpo's history

Danpo has a remarkable history, that goes many years back in time. Throughout the years we have gone through many changes - but we still only produce chicken.



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The Largest Poultry Group in the Nordic Countries!

Danpo A/S is part of the poultry group Scandi Standard, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


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Our factories


The factory in Farre - Production in a class of its own

With the freshest competency within frying and breading we meet consumer demands of tasty chicken products that are easy to cook.


Our abattoir in Aars is state of the art

We slaughter around 50 million Danish chickens per year.
The abattoir employs skilled personnel who are proficient at their craft as well as the most advanced preparation and packaging technologies.

Danpo chickens

Have many advantages

Danish chicken

Salmonella free

Highest food safety

Halal approved

BRC certified facilities

Working according to HAACP principles

Farm to fork

The largest danish chicken abattoir is approved halal

The reason for having our chickens approved as halal is decades of successful export to Muslim customers that value the high quality of Danish chicken